Don’t look so surprised that I drove right past you into the parking lot to park my car and head into an event at the restaurant who owns the parking lot. Don’t wave your hands at me and yell, “Hey, hey, this parking lot is only for the restaurant!”. Don’t come trudging towards my car like an asshole, yelling. News flash for you, unkempt man, with your ripped t-shirt iPod and earbuds in your ears, do you think you look like you are employed by the restaurant as a parking attendant? Nope. Especially considering there is not usually a parking attendant, you are immediately suspicious in my mind.
So, of course I have my guard up. I am a female alone, in my car, in a parking lot, and there is no one around, except for you and your weirdness. This does not for one moment cross your mind?
Why on earth would I stop and roll down my drivers-side window to hash it out with you? You look incredulous that I question your authority, that I drive right past you park, keep the car running and only crack my passenger window to yell out to you. The whole ordeal makes me not even want to go into the restaurant. 
Have you ever had a man grab your ass and expose himself to you? Pull a switchblade on you? Have you ever had to run from a situation like that? I am guessing not and that’s why I’m writing this note to you. 
Part of me feels slightly bad for being rude. But, the larger part of me does not. Let me explain why. I went to College in New Brunswick, NJ. The caliber of street folk that I encountered there, and what happened to me, raised my awareness of the true nature of weirdos and how they lurk in the most unlikely of places waiting to prey, especially on young women who are alone. All it took for me was the two frightening experiences I eluded to above, to put me on heightened alert. 
So, sorry incredulous, unkempt man. You will just have to deal. And, idea for you, wear a shirt that has the name of the restaurant that employs you. Otherwise, for safety reasons, I am going to drive right past you and be hesitant, abrupt and annoyed by your approaching my car and your confrontational manner. Don’t take it personally, I have to protect myself.