“Just a minute” “Just a second” “I just have to…” You can probably easily complete that sentence. The word “just” snuck into my Mommy vocabulary when my toddler’s demands began to fill every second of my day. Where I have to watch myself is when the just isn’t justified by a good reason as to why I need to place her request on hold, while I complete whatever I am doing.

For example, the “just” in this sentence is valid, “I am just going potty, I’ll get your snack in a minute.” But, this use is not OK, and is something I try to be more mindful of, “I just need to finish doing the dishes, then I can do a puzzle with you.” There is no reason I need to be doing the dishes at that moment other than my  own psychosis. That is just not right. For just’s like that–just go play with your kids.