Friendships. They are a true gift, priceless to our physical and mental well-being. My friendships have morphed through the years as I grew into myself – some were toxic and drama-filled, some inexplicably dissipated, some re-kindled. But, it is those friendships that are going the distance that I want to acknowledge.

These are the friendships that are not questioned, kindred spirits whose hearts have connected deeply, and it’s a connection that cannot be broken. Think about those friendships that are going the distance in your life. Who are they?

For me, they are the people who I haven’t talked to in days, months, even years, where I know when we do reconnect, we can pick-up like we haven’t missed a day. There is never any fear or doubt that I’ve lost their friendship, and those are the friendships that are going the distance in my life, for which I am grateful beyond what my words can even express.

I hope you have a friend like this in your life. Because, let’s face it, adulting is not easy. Adulting can be lonely and isolating. The more we add to our schedules – working, children, school – the greater the distance between us and our friends, limiting our time to connect with each other in a meaningful, replenishing way.

I’ve noticed it is becoming increasingly difficult to connect with my cherished friends, to the extent I would like to, because the pace of life is – quite frankly – more of a sprint as my kids get older. It’s hard to keep-up. But, there is hope, and it is found in the very thing I am writing about – friendships that are going the distance. Reach out to one of yours today, you’ll feel better.