The street where I grew up. My home for 14 years–a kaleidoscope of memories. We lived in a house surrounded by farmland. At one point, the cows even crossed the road every day at 3pm. The air in the summer smelled either like fresh flowers from my Mom’s garden or freshly spread manure. The possibilities for playing outdoors were endless and I always adventured outside with my 2 dogs, Brandy and Ginger. I used to get lost in the corn fields. I made mud pies, dug myself a small pond in my back yard, tobogganed with my dogs pulling me along. One year, a hot air balloon even landed in our back yard and I got to ride in it.

But my favorite memories of Arbutus Street are those shared with my friends and family. The older I got, the more memorable the shenanigans. Such fun with my cousins, Aunts and Uncles, grandparents. Then, the years I lived there with my sister-friend, Amanda, were, by far, the finest, funniest years at this address.