As a young kid who grew up in the country, smack-dab in the middle of a farm, I have a great appreciation for gardens. Ironically, I kill all plants, fail at my attempts to grow beautiful gardens. But I absolutely love gardens. Thankfully, my Mom and her family are avid gardeners, both flower and vegetable gardens.

We had a huge vegetable garden at my Grandparent’s house. I loved going there. I now realize the adults were doing all of the work–weeding, tilling, etc. While us kids, we got the fun jobs like picking the produce. The best job was running the little vegetable stand. We would set it up street-side and sell our fresh produce.

I look forward to my kids having a little vegetable stand someday when they are a little older. There’s a great sense of pride in running a little street-side stand as a kid. If I can’t get a garden to produce vegetables, we’ll go for the good old lemonade stand.