My nemesis. It’s endless. Once in awhile I get to the bottom of the hamper and pause to enjoy that moment, knowing it’s short-lived. I’ve successfully washed wallets. Punctured my finger on an unexpected fishing lure, that was for some reason still in my husband’s pant’s pocket.My all-time favorite is when I manage to wash a diaper. Yes, I admit to doing this. The result is an infinite amount of tiny little soggy, slimy bead-like things all over the laundry. It also requires wiping out the inside surface of the washing machine. As with most household chores, there is never enough time to do it all, and it’s never done. If you’re really lucky your kids will “help” you fold the laundry. I’ve even thought about starting a mobile laundr-o-mat business, dump your 14 loads of laundry into the units on that mobile truck. Play with your kids while all your laundry is done at the same time. Get help from this service to fold your clothes, get back to your day. Maybe I will go for it some day. But until that day, me and my overstuffed hampers will remain besties.