Music moves me, resonates in my soul. I will cry and get goosebumps even. This was taken to a whole new level when I started to sing lullabies to my babies. The singer Jewel’s album, “Jewel Lullaby” was the culprit; #3 “Sweet Dreams for You”. If you’ve never heard this album, this song is beautiful. I sat in the nursery’s rocking chair and began to sing this song to my baby girl, Evie. She stared at me. Actually, she stared into my soul. Our gaze, like windows into each other’s souls, our souls in tune, like nothing I’ve ever felt. My singing turned to a whisper while I was enveloped by this moment, as my eyes welled with tears. I was so struck by this rush of love for my baby; her soul resonating in mine with the music. Singing lullabies to my babies still has this affect on me today, even if it’s only for a fleeting moment. It’s a peaceful moment, a sweet reminder after a hectic day of a Mother’s love.