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October 2014

What’s on your business card?

Today a co-worker who is new to my business area asked me, “what’s on your business card?”. My response, “I don’t have a business card”. It was a short conversation, but it stuck with me. I’ve been with my company for almost 13 years and have never requested a business card. I’ve never felt any of my roles required one. If asked, I’ll provide my business partners with my contact information. I’m armed with my electronic signature that’s on every e-mail I send. I can send my contact information via text. Do I need a business card?

I don’t need one. I don’t think anyone needs one in this day and age of smart phones, web enabled devices, clouds and big data. But, this conversation kept running through my brain because maybe it’s about time I feel important enough to need a business card. “What’s on my business card?”–Rachel Papke, Super Mom, Text me; don’t call because talking to me on the phone is an impossibility.

Being a Mom is the job that makes me feel important and worthy of a business card. “What’s on your business card?”.

What my 4 year old would tell her therapist

Ok, my 4 year old doesn’t have a therapist. But, if she did, this is what she would tell her therapist about her Mommy:

“My Mommy makes me so mad because she makes me wear pants, a shirt with sleeves and socks when it is cold outside. She also always wants to wash and brush my hair. She is ruining me. I don’t like when she won’t let me watch my TV shows. I don’t like time out. It makes no sense why she won’t let me eat ice cream or lollipops for breakfast.  Why does she make me eat meals? I just want Go-GURTS.

I refuse to wear my coat, and I like to walk around in either my princess dresses or be shirtless. That should be ok because I am not outside, right?  Oh, and another thing, why won’t she let me play with her make-up and jewelry, and draw on the walls? Why do I have to flush the toilet and wash my hands? So annoying. I wish she would let me play on the iPad more. I wish she didn’t put water in my juice. She thinks I don’t know; but I know. I don’t like sharing with my brother. It’s pointless. Why can’t I jump on my bed and pee on my carpet in the middle of the night? I just want to be 4! Is that too much to ask?”

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