Ok, my 4 year old doesn’t have a therapist. But, if she did, this is what she would tell her therapist about her Mommy:

“My Mommy makes me so mad because she makes me wear pants, a shirt with sleeves and socks when it is cold outside. She also always wants to wash and brush my hair. She is ruining me. I don’t like when she won’t let me watch my TV shows. I don’t like time out. It makes no sense why she won’t let me eat ice cream or lollipops for breakfast.  Why does she make me eat meals? I just want Go-GURTS.

I refuse to wear my coat, and I like to walk around in either my princess dresses or be shirtless. That should be ok because I am not outside, right?  Oh, and another thing, why won’t she let me play with her make-up and jewelry, and draw on the walls? Why do I have to flush the toilet and wash my hands? So annoying. I wish she would let me play on the iPad more. I wish she didn’t put water in my juice. She thinks I don’t know; but I know. I don’t like sharing with my brother. It’s pointless. Why can’t I jump on my bed and pee on my carpet in the middle of the night? I just want to be 4! Is that too much to ask?”