Evangeline Susan, Evie for short. You are our first born. We were so excited to meet you on the day you were born; excited to the point that we actually momentarily forgot we hadn’t found out your gender. The joy you brought to our lives, and bring to our lives every day, is immeasurable. The amount of memories and the love Mommy and Daddy have for you is something that I can only call a complete blessing. You are full of spunk, have quite a fight in you when you want something, are artistic, smart. We look forward to being part of and supporting your journey through the years and seeing you and your brother grow together and experience the ebb and tide of life. You are my treasure; my family my treasure chest whose worth is invaluable. Mommy and Daddy look forward to the adventures ahead, and love all the memories we’ve shared together on our journey, thus far. We love you, now and always.