You are my best friend. Your best traits are your loyalty and honesty, but you have many more that make you a keeper, to use fishing terminology. These are traits that are incredibly difficult to find in this day and age, and I am incredibly blessed and thankful to have you, my devoted husband. Sure, we have our difficult spots, who the heck doesn’t; stressful jobs, not enough time in the day, tantruming children and other challenges. But, at the end of the day, to know that you are solid–grounded–helps steer a clear path, especially when times are tough. I don’t ever question where your head is at, you’re focused and genuine in your approach and outlook.

I look forward to when we get to have our date nights, even though we usually come home early because we are so tired. Our children are healthy, beautiful; we did a good job with them so far, at least I’d like to think so. You’re the best Daddy, so playful and fun. You are also very loud, but the kids love it. I love you. This is a very random post, but, in lieu of some recent and tragic events I feel like I want to write down how much I love you. Love, “Da Huffy”.