I took this picture tonight, 11/22/2015. I didn’t edit it. At. All. 

The colors are that gorgeous, all on their own. Sunsets are beautiful and unique. I guarantee stopping to watch the sunset will bring a calm over anyone who pauses to watch. I think most people will stop to take in a sunset’s beauty. If they aren’t stopping, they should.

I know it makes me stop whatever I’m doing, and reflect. A sunset is a calming and awe-inspiring gift from the heavens; like that moment when you look up at the sky and the sun rays are beaming through the clouds. A reminder of our loved ones, up in Heaven. 

We should all stop being busy for sunsets, to reflect and remember and be thankful. I believe they are a gift from God, linking us to our angels. A moment of peace, linking us all in a profound way.