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October 2015

In the Bullying Business

Bully (v) – To use superior influence or strength to intimidate someone, typically to force him or her to do what one wants. 

That is my every day; being bullied. Bullying behaviors, intimidation tactics, that would have serious consequences, if exhibited by kids, are commonplace in the business world. 

There are anti bullying campaigns for our children. But, really, adults these days need a campaign. There are far too many adults who have completely forgotten their manners, with narcissistic bullying dominating the space. 

The bullying is a chameleon in the office space, cleverly adapting to its surroundings, but we know it’s there. It is manipulative and reaps havoc on team morale. It breaks trust in the working relationship, leaving anyone in the path of wrath, battered and tired. 

Today, I happen to be so incredibly tired of having to deal with it, that I am going to bed and it is only 8:45pm; that’s how tiring it is. 

To the adult bully, it is time to stop. Be an adult. Be a better person. Act ethically. Show some respect to the people busting their asses, for the right reasons, every day. Stop being in the bullying business. 

Always my Baby

The scene. A big boy bed and crib in the same room–my son’s room. Do you see anything weird about it? Me either. 

That’s because I am in denial my son is sleeping in a big boy bed–growing up, too quickly. He’s been in his bed for about 6 months, now. But, I don’t want to take the crib out of his room. His crib’s presence is the comforting, visual cue, that he is still a baby. 

He is my baby. He is my youngest. This could be the last time I see a crib in my home. It feels like removing it means I am done; done with the baby phase; done having babies (sniffle). There is somewhere in my Mommy vault of feelings that this breaks my heart. 

But, in this same Mommy vault, I also know that, despite my best efforts, I can’t keep him little, forever. I must move forward, to fully enjoy this phase. Since each phase goes by quickly. It would be unjust and stifling to helicopter parent over him. But, he’ll forever be my baby. 

He was born 3 years ago, today. Happy birthday, my little buddy. He unlocked more love in me than I can express. It’s that love you only get glimmers of, until you are a parent. 

We will celebrate his 3rd birthday with a cake and gifts. But I know, the greatest gift was giving birth to this little guy, 3 years ago, today. 

So, while he no longer is in his crib, and the day will come where the crib is out of his room. He will always be tucked safely within the crib of my heart. Always, my baby.

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