I am mediocre at a variety of things. I’m ok with that. But, being a mediocre Mommy is not on that list of things. Being a Mommy suits me because it plays to my strengths; my patience, empathy, loyalty, dedication and creativity. My little family of four is my greatest life achievement to date. So, why not blog about it, and cover Mommy topics from A to Z.

I don’t think most people set their sights on being mediocre when they grow up. I know I didn’t plan for it, but it’s where I am. I couldn’t figure out where I fit. I didn’t want to be the doctor or lawyer, my parents wanted me to be. I’ve evolved into what most might classify as a well-rounded person. I can play the violin, piano, dance, play soccer, tennis, softball, bowl, ski, snowboard, surf, paint, draw, rollerblade, sing and do many other things. But, for me, being a little bit accomplished at a whole lot of different things, leaves me feeling mediocre. It’s like learning a whole bunch of different words without any context.

I’ve left out one skill. The one I want to share with you; writing. As an only child of parents who divorced when I was in high school, I was very lost. Writing was my outlet to express feelings that I didn’t know how to convey, otherwise. As time passed, I let a myriad of things take precedence; work, life, family, children. I could make up a lot of excuses as to why I stopped. But, I’m back. I hope you enjoy my blog, don’t judge. Journey with me.