I am at work. The usual suspects are at play; stress, back-to-back conference calls, unreasonable client demands, unread emails, voicemails. All of the players in this aggressive game are in, ready to zap my energy. 

But, I am subbing out. After years in the game, I’ve learned ways to sub out of these adverse conditions that test me in my every day, to turn inward and focus on what is truly meaningful–cultivating others happiness. 

And, believe it or not, there are ways to achieve this, even in the face of adversity, no matter what your struggle. You can always make someone else happy. No one can take that away from you. Bringing happiness to others will reinvent your game and make you a better player; the most valuable player for your team. 

In fact, finding even the smallest of ways to do this will not only have a profound effect on those around you that you are making happy; you will uplift yourself and the pieces of you that are shattered from the stress of your every day, to refresh, renew and restore your happiness. 

If you have not tried this phenomenon recently, I challenge you to try it. If you’ve forgotten what it feels like because you’re trapped in the snare of your daily stresses; take a deep breath and make your next action one that will bring happiness to someone else. It will reinvigorate you–free you from the negativity. 

Start small scale; buy someone a coffee. Go get a card for someone, just because. Give a coat to a homeless person: Help someone. Then, bask in the glow of the happy moment you created. These acts of kindness become a shared happiness. The more you practice this in your day, the better your day will be. Their happiness will radiate within you. You’ll want to do more. Sharing in others’ happiness is happiness. It is our defense against the stress, anxiety, and aggression of the day. Giving happiness to others is the best gift you can give yourself. 

You can’t control many things, but, you can control your happiness. If you feel happiness is lacking in your day-to-day; sub out. Take a break. Create a happy moment for someone you know, or, someone you don’t know. 

By creating a community of kindness and wishing others to be happy, we bring a strategy to the game that wins, every time. Our soul and psyche reinvigorated to play our best by cultivating happiness in others.