Remember when you were excited that you bought the best, skinny jeans, while out on an impromptu shopping spree? 

In my Mommy world, that doesn’t happen anymore. The spur of the moment shopping spree, or, feeling skinny in jeans that are not leggings. Leggings, or jeggings, are my new best friend. They help me achieve the illusion of skinny. I can move. I can eat. 

With leggings, I can. With skinny jeans, I can’t. 

I do not need a cardboard-like feel, and a muffin-top look, where I can barely sit down, comfortably. No thanks, skinny jeans. 

About a year after having my first kid, I thought I had lost enough baby weight to give my go-to skinny jeans a try. The event is etched into my memory. 

I did get my skinny jeans onto my body, with a lot of effort. I sucked in my belly, put on Spanx and a ruched shirt, some heels; got myself all prettied-up. I went to get into my SUV, and, rip! 

Yup. Too bad crotchless pants aren’t a style, because that is what I was left with; a big hole, where those poor skinny jeans just couldn’t stretch far enough, to get me into the SUV. That day, my skinny jeans were just, too tight crotchless jeans that went in the trash, and officially, were replaced by leggings. 

Leggings are a better choice, for so many reasons. Every pair of pants I own, has some degree of stretch, for my own peace of mind.  

The alternative is “mom jeans”. 

Therefore, there is no alternative. I have stretch, not pleats, so I’m good-to-go.