My daughter always pauses momentarily to stare at my belly button when I am in a bikini. I can feel her laser eyes assessing it. I wait for her question. It’s always the same question, “Mommy, why do you have a big belly button?”. 

At least it’s an easy answer, “I have it from having you and Spence”. Thankfully, she doesn’t question the mechanics yet, and she goes on her way. 

I am wearing a bikini this summer. People can stare and scoff, or whatever else. I am going to own it. I have 2 kids. I love them, even though they took my flat stomach, normal belly button and other pretty things, with them. 

Pool and beach-goers will have to deal with my popped out belly button, flap jacks and excess belly jiggle. I am a Mom. I deserve sun on my tummy, too.