It isn’t because I am extraordinarily interesting, with stories to share that are amazingly captivating. It isn’t because I’m an ego maniac. At least, I wouldn’t peg myself as one. 

It is because I don’t want to forget. I fear the years will dull what memories are now sharp. When I am older, and when my husband and kids are older, I want to be able to read about our memories; our fun, our touching moments. Silly things. Our challenges–all of it. 

If there is anything I’ve learned, as I age, putting it in writing brings it all back. When I look back at my journals from trips, from high school, college, my experiences: I remember, clearly. Without documenting it, I wouldn’t have that same clarity. 

This blog is my clarity. My real-life as I’ve grown-up and moved on, into Motherhood. It’s my shared space that I look forward to sharing with my children, and that I share with you; all of you fellow Mommies and Daddies, who sacrifice your all, love with all you’ve got, work hard, cry, laugh more and sleep less. We are in it, together, and it’s these stories that help keep us moving. 

Sure, we have Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and a slew of other social media-driven ways to always track our lives. Not to mention, they are entertaining. But, the guts of what we do. The stuff that humbles us, the meaningful meat and potatoes of being a Mommy, or Daddy, of having a family, it’s not captured by social media. 

Life is not always a posed picture, a smiley face emoticon, how many likes, hashtags or number of retweets in our feeds.  

Life is lived outside of our newsfeed. I want that place kept in tact. A place to go back to, to remember life. A place of substance. For me, that place is here.